“They are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Wow.  I can't believe how gorgeous they are!!!   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  OMG THESE ARE SPECTACULAR!!!  I'M GONNA CRY - SIMBA'S SO GORGEOUS!!!  Can’t wait to send Mya on to her new mom. ...Barb, CA.
“This is AMAZING.  This is Madison – my friend Lori’s dog. I’d like to give this to her as a gift.” …Lisa, OR
“Thank you so much for the fabulous painting of our Lucy.  You were able to capture her sweet eyes perfectly.  The painting is up in our living room and we receive so many compliments on how beautiful it is.  Thank you again.” 
…Jennifer, CA
“It’s amazing! I feel so lucky. I'm in love with it. It's amazing and it's framed and holds a valued place in my home and my heart. Oh!!!  An original? Oh MY!  Just showed Josie the painting.  Told her what you 
did...and she's ready for  her close - up now...honestly, I held the piece up and she rolled over.”…Elyse, CA
"These are just gorgeous.   Jeanne Romano's watercolor wonderfully captures my kittens on their first day home.  Wows from absolutely everyone who sees it!" …Jeanne, CA. 

“Jeanne does such beautiful work.  She represented my two girls perfectly! When I first saw Tootsie's picture, my hand flew to my heart because Jeanne captured her 'old soul' persona so well. Penny is happiest when she's wet and dirty and her likeness just made me laugh.   Wonderful!”  
…Nancy, WA. 

“I am still speechless. I sit here and look at it each day, explain to folks who walk in and are startled by how life-like it is and know it was drawn by the heart of a woman who was able to capture his essence because she herself has been in love with a dog like this – I have had dogs most of my life and loved them all – I have been convinced some were more human than others – Arthur, however, went to a whole new level. Knowing his history (or the bits they would share with us), his intelligence and loyalty took us all to a place that is just 
beyond words - he was such a blessing to us. I still have a hard time believing he is gone and feel the world is a little less safe as a result.  Thank you, Jeanne, from my now choked up throat for using your gifts to remind me of my very brave soldier.”… Lisa, CA.
“I just got the most b-e-a-utiful artwork delivered to my door.  Stunning.  I love it.  I am in awe.  This is truly ‘our Zoë!’” …Kathryn, RI

“Our friends lost their boy Aidan last summer. This portrait is a beautiful tribute to the sweetest dog.  His light will shine on in their hearts and in their home, always. Thank you for perfectly capturing his spirit.”  …Rachel, RI

"I just viewed your new website, it's 
beautiful; very well done! I love it, 
almost as much as my painting of 
Janu (Jon-Jon). Janu is the Hindu 
word for "soul" or "life force" and you managed to capture my best friend's soul. Janu is fun loving and soulful, all in one, and you managed to capture both; not an easy task with a dog that has a black face. Thank you so much!"...Donna, WA
“We love the watercolor of our beagle Wendy...Jeanne captured her sweet expression perfectly, especially her eyes." …Edie, WA.
"My Springer-mix, especially, is such a gentle sweet soul who's dark eyes tell all, but are difficult to portray. You have a unique and talented gift, especially when it  comes to dog these portraits of our boys.” … Amy and Les, WA. 
“Jeanne's rendition of both of our dogs is
absolutely incredible. She has captured the 
essence of their personalities beautifully. "


“Fantastic!!  The watercolor of Brady totally captures her unique expressions! The eyes especially are mesmerizing, with an exquisite use of color and light.  This personal work of art made the perfect gift.” …Janie, CA